Training and racing with a power meter for paddlesports

Do you want to boost your performance by training and racing smarter and paddling more efficiently?

If you're reading this guide then we can assume you probably do.

Get more out of every training session

Training 'smarter' is about spending your energy wisely by training at the right intensity and tracking your fitness to ensure that your training is producing results.

Perform to the best of your abilities

Racing 'smarter' is about pacing a perfect race by understanding the physiological demands of the event and knowing how to best spend your energy.

Go further or faster with the same effort

Paddling more efficiently is about developing a technique that converts as much of your energy output as possible into forward boat motion.

How do you achieve these objectives?

It starts with being able to accurately measure and track your energy output - a direct measurement of intensity. You can measure and track your energy output with a power meter.

This guide will provide you with everything you need to know about training with power, and how using a power meter as a training tool can help you achieve the results you want on the water.

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