Technique analysis

Average Force and Power Curves

The average force and power curves from each athlete are plotted together and aligned so that all strokes, from all athletes, begin at t=0. The graphs below show example K2 data.

[example graphs coming soon]

By aligning all of the strokes such that each begins at t=0, the average force and power curves of each paddler can be compared, allowing technique and intensity differences to be revealed. Technique is represented by force and power curves. Each athlete has their own characteristic curve, or "signature". Ideally, a team boat would have all members executing the same technique (force and power curves that exhibit the same characteristics).

The above graphs illustrate a K2 with two athletes that have different techniques. Athlete #10 has a less powerful, but long duration stroke whilst Athlete #14 generates greater peak power and force, but with a shorter duration. Performance improvements can be made by developing the technique of each athlete so that their signatures become similar.

The graph above shows left-vs-right differences for each athlete, Athlete #10 having the most obvious imbalance. Left-vs-right imbalances within an athletes stoke may be present due to boat instability, lean or due to an athletes difficulty with keeping the correct stroke timing. This is certainly the case for athletes who typically have balanced left-vs-right curves when paddling in single’s (k1). It is often difficult for athletes to indentify that these effects are present when paddling in a team boat since their techniques subconsciously adjust to compensate (for lean or timing adjustment). However, these adjustments are measureable, and are picked up with High Speed stroke analysis.

The average force and power curves can be used to compare the intensity of each athlete in the team boat. The data will show which athlete is contributing the greatest amount of force and power during the selected portion of the High Speed Recording.

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